Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Fool: The Album

I'm back at it again; writing The Fool, my sequel to 2007's Self. I've been spurred on by the ridiculously good Boyhood movie. It's my on-off journey, asking "what happened to Horatio Maguire?"

Last time I was this productive on the idea was July 2013. A full year on, half a new draft is written and, d'know what? It isn't half bad (if I do say so, myself!).

As with every script I write, I do so listening to a number of different songs - that emotionally grab me, and help set the mood/tone for what I write.

Here's what I'm currently listening to, and how the song is contributing to what's going through my creative mind:

"Make Your Own Kind of Music" - Mama Cass

Self ends with this playing. In my mind, it's a reminder of where we left the character of Horatio before, and from that I form all sorts of ideas about what happened after the original film ended. What did he do next? What paths did he fall upon, and where did that lead him in life?

 I think it's probably the most important song in reminding me what the project is, and where it should be heading.

"Poison" - Alice Cooper

I see this playing at the end of The Fool, almost as if we end with a newly confident Horatio who is writing again; perhaps cocky, and feeling more than a little anarchic? I think he needs that, having spent the last 7 years of his life living an oppressed existence, hiding even from himself what he truly is - a writer.

"Get Happy" - Frank Sinatra

Ah, good old Frank.

It sounds like it could be lifted straight from Self. It's an old fashioned life-is-good sort of swing. I think Horatio would hear, and judge it with a sense of irony. His life isn't good - and he's anything but happy. Frank's taunting him when the song plays - almost laughing at him.

But then... could Horatio's life be good again? Of course! It's a hint of what's to come for our hero.

"Hero" - Family of the Year

Taken from the Boyhood film/trailer. It reminds me of the power of that film, and pushes me to get this passion project of mine completed!

"Somebody I Used To Know" - Gotye

The whole theme of the film!! In a song!!

"Japanese Boy" - Aneke

Horatio would like this sort of cheesy 80s pop, I think. I dunno why, it'd just be his 'thing' - in the same way we played Adam & the Ants during Self.

"Sound & Vision (2013)" - David Bowie

There's something simple, but haunting about this remix of Bowie's track. When I listen to it, especially vs. the traditional 70s version, I hear something hollow, and stripped back. This is exactly how I think of Horatio now - so far removed from what he once was, and could be again.
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