Monday, 25 August 2014

"Well, Here We Go Again..."

On Saturday night, Peter Capaldi made his debut as Doctor Who* and as change orientated as I am, it got me thinking what regeneration must be like.

In the past I've written the "Versions of Me" posts, and they're fine and dandy. But! Unlike the Doctor, I don't change overnight. It's a gradual thing. More of a renewal, than a full on regeneration. I wonder - what must it be like to change completely, in the blink of an eye?

I'll never know - but I can get a sense of what it's like for the new Doctor to look back on his past life, and make judgement. I say that, because I do it all the time. Just 5 minutes ago, I was reading an ex's blog** - realising how bizarre it is now to think I ever went out with her. What was I thinking? She's strange, and cold, and completely alien to me. The Anthony of yester-year that dated her must have been a different person to the one who sits here now, typing this, because I can't see how a connection with this girl could be made today. At the very least (!) he was certainly more tolerant of her quirks!!

There's other examples, ones you probably share too. How many times have you looked back on old photos, at old hair styles or fashions, and just thought an agonising "Why?!?!?"

It must work both ways. I guess the current me can't comprehend the changes that will come in my life. I think it must be strange there, in the future, for the simple reason that things have changed.

What's my fashion like in a year's time, or how is my sense of humour in ten?! It's scary knowing that I'll soon leave today behind, and wake up tomorrow, in the same night clothes I wore to bed... but the first thing I'll want to do is shed them, and make my own mark on the new day, with a new fashion (much like the Doctor).

It's fun then to treat real life like actual regeneration. But that's enough of that! Back to Frightfest...

* If you don't count his cameo in last year's Day of the Doctor. Or Time of the Doctor. Or the internet leaks of his scripts... and completed episodes. Or the world tour previews. Etc. You get my pedantic point!

** For no other reason than to confirm that the relationship I have today is better than the one back then!
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