Sunday, 7 September 2014

Acting Stupid

Here are three examples of people acting out (or as I prefer to call it, just plain old stupid, as to everybody else this is how their behaviour appears):

1) Accusations

Somebody at worked told me to watch what I say to foreign staff members, as one of them had told others I take the mickey out of their poor English. Now this simply isn't true, and I couldn't allow such rumours to persist, so I called a staff member who I now knew had discussed this rumour with others into the office.

My tone was unforgiving, as I searched for why he would think I was racist. Of course, he backtracked and said he didn't think I was... but others did. When he wouldn't name names, I let him off with a severe tongue lashing and went back to work.

Then it hit me who would have actually started the rumours... and why. I won't say much, but I recently sat down with a staff member and conducted their appraisal. It didn't go as well as they probably thought it would. One of the issues I raised was communication. I dealt with the subject matter in a professional but sensitive manner.

Nevertheless, annoyed at the conversation (and how it didn't go their way...) the staff member has clearly gone around, and exaggerated their version of events to others. They have made me the bad guy - no, worse than that... the villain.

All because they weren't happy with my criticisms, and this is the only power they see they have to respond.

2) Ignorance

I went to watch The Guest before, and had a great time (go watch it!). Then... my mood was almost-kinda shattered as the credits rolled. Two staff members stood at the exit to the screen, silently waiting, and willing the customers to get up and leave. I felt uncomfortable with the watching, so complied with their silent request. As I did so, I recognised one of the two ushers. I use to work at this cinema a while ago, and this staff member hadn't moved on. I remembered him well... and evidently, he remembered me...

See he did his best to be visibly rude to me. When he spotted me he leaned over and whispered something to his colleague, and both then looked at me with disgust. Next, as I moved down the auditorium steps and closer to him... he fake yawns. Aaaa-hhhh!

I'm getting closer to the bottom step now, and will soon be near him... My brain wracks itself, trying to think up something throw-away to say. In the end it plumps for "It was a good film!" - to which this staff member doesn't respond. Worse than that! He watches me for what feels like an eternity, with a cold stare - almost as if he were attempting to stare right through me. But I know the truth. He's just putting on a 'hard man' routine; it's part of his act.

Why? I was a tough member of management there, and I didn't accept slackers. He was one, and so saw the stricter side of my management!

3) Graffiti

Westfield London use to have lovely toilets. Tonight, I went in a cubicle and the place was covered in dozens of horrible scratches, or ink marks on the walls. The graffiti reads horrible things like "Cum is Yum", or gives out mobile telephone numbers with sentences underneath describing the owner as said number as some sort of sad, perverted individual. There are also at least seven images of a penis, in various states, positions and sizes.

These toilets were not unisex. This means that it must be a man, or various men, writing these things on the walls. Quite why they'd want to, I can only guess. Sexually repressed, I think.

It's a horrible practise though, using art this way. It feels... wrong. Horribly so. It is the most desperate, and most vile of attention seeking means, and I don't fully understand it (nor want to).


Like I said, all stupid really.
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