Monday, 8 September 2014

When Exactly Am I?

I woke up around 1pm this afternoon. In those first few seconds of conscious thought, my mind panicked; confident in where I was, but completely unsure of when.

That sounds strange doesn't it?

It's not just a case of not knowing what day of the week it happened to be, as it goes further than that. For a brief 30 seconds or so, I was almost out of time; not constrained by 'today' at all. I could have been alive at any point in history; my thoughts universal to the life of all humanity.

The seconds passed by, and then the surreal moment ended. I opened my eyes, and realised it was a Sunday in September, 2014, and everything became normal again.

But it got my thinking. Recently, life's been a bit of a blur - because I'm so busy living my life that I don't really stop to think where exactly I am in it. Every potentially spare moment is eaten up by lots and lots of different (great) things - no time to pause, as there's lots to do to keep me moving forwards.

After Frightfest, my routine felt shattered. Normally my work weeks begins Friday and ends Thursday. You know it's the weekend as it's busy, lots to do, and there's people everywhere. However, Frightfest lasted 5 days, with lots of preparation before and after. It felt busy for so long, that I couldn't tell where the weekend started... or ended. It didn't help that the following weekend I was off on holiday, thus shattering my expectations even more.

I think today happened, because I haven't quite caught back up! (Due to a combination of shift patterns, quieter than usual shifts at work, and a busier than usual social life)

I also think this will happen more the older I get, and that routine of mine is challenged over and over. When I get married, things will change, and routine will shift around. Having children will put a new emphasis on how I live my life. Changing jobs. Retirement. Etc. Each change bringing a new circumstance, a new routine, and need to adapt.

I should roll with the punches, adapt... and check my calendar on a regular basis.
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