Wednesday, 29 October 2014


I'm well aware that I've been absent from these pages for the past 6 weeks. It's been one of those times when life is just crazy busy, and something has to give. In this case, as much as I love doing it, blogging had to fall by the wayside.

The chief reason for my absence, then, being Film Festivals. I've previously posted about one - Frightfest, back in August. Across September and October I helped manage two more - the popular BFI London Film Festival, and the lesser known, underground Raindance Independent Film Festival. For both, it was second time running the festivals.

Raindance kicked off at the tail end of September, and was immense fun. My General Manager pretty much left me to it, and so I ran most operations from my company's point of view. I took ownership, and ran with it. I worked well with the Raindance team, and it was genuinely exciting to meet emerging film talent; not yet tainted by pretentious behaviour or conversation. At the end of it. Raindance invited me to their legendary after-show party... and too much alcohol was had by me.

Aaah, my liver...

3 days later, and the BFI L.F.F. started. Now, last year, I found it to be a very prestigious festival, and through that prestige, I became excited to be working it, and playing my part. This year, especially after my relative freedom during Raindance, I was so bored! There wasn't much to do, and the punters rocking up for each screening weren't the same talkative crowd that I'd grown use to at festivals prior. All in all, I just felt like I wasn't needed, and contributed nothing!

(Also, no BFI after show party. My liver = :) )

So there we are... my life in festivals. But it's not the only thing I've been up to recently. When I find the time over the next few days/weeks I'll update again... and it's pretty exciting.
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