Saturday, 13 December 2014

Future Plans

Here it is - my 400th blog entry!

A few months ago, I had this tantrum. Whilst I've calmed down a little since then (mostly due to Gabi insisting this blog is something to treasure), I still think change is needed.

For a long time, I've been drifting, and because of that this blog has been a strange assortment of rambles. From now, I want to go back to basics, and focus this thing in more closely than ever on my writing and producing. Sure, there will still be the odd side-step, just less of them, and more production-based reads.

To start with, here's a rundown of all my current projects, with some handy hints and teases:


The 2014 follow-up to "That Resolute Desk"/"Seas Will Rise". It's a little longer than last year's update scene, clocking in at around 5 minutes. It tells the story of Jarvis and his girlfriend; both struggling to juggle professional and personal lives.

Status: Filmed! A script written by me, and directed by Gabi. Just needs to be edited together (the two of us too busy with our own, other projects). Will likely be assembled and online before the end of the year!

(A rough cut, minus Gabi's scenes as Vicky)


Then it's straight on to 2015's follow-on. This will take its lead from my 2013 Bedtime Story; though rather than daily filming, me and Gabi will produce a monthly short, that will slot in and form part of a bigger over-riding narrative. Think Richard Linklater's Boyhood.

Status: In the initial planning stages. I will write/direct six of the twelve episodes, and Gabi will produce the rest. We have already filmed one segment (whilst I was away in Ireland) - although neither of us are sure if it will remain in the finished piece, or if it will be re-shot at some point in 2015:

Interestingly, neither of us know at what point in 2015's story this will occur yet. Most likely September/October time. Also, the other side of the phone conversation still needs to be recorded, so regardless of it will survive/be re-shot, the actual final version of this scene will look somewhat different to the above. But it gives you a taste!


First conceived in 2007, as the story of dining with a serial killer, I couldn't ever quite 'crack' the idea. The most recent update came in 2013, but then (again) the story just didn't work. Now, at last, I think it does. At it's heart it's the idea of two serial killers sitting down to eat together; and the question, what would they talk about?

Status: I will write, and Gabi plans on directing. The fun with this one is, we'll allow the actors to improvise their lines. It might make the film a somewhat more interesting, and chilling, experience!

Script is being written right now. I expect this will be filmed January/February 2015.


Or rather... "Beyond"! Yep, I felt a rename was in order. Again, it's another idea I've had for years, that's it's time I do something with. A sequel to "Self", it asks the question: Whatever happened to Horatio Maguire? It plays on themes of mental health crisis, and identity, and might just be the most 'adult' film I've made to date.

Status: Still in the planning status for now. Once Lasagne is completed (from a script POV) I'll move onto this - which I will write, direct and star in. Expect this to be around February/March next year.


A short, telling of one woman's urgent quest for promotion...

Status: Script completed by me, and handed across to its director (Sacha Allari) who last updated me to say he would begin filming early 2015. Watch this space!


The horrible tale of a man, sat on a public toilet, who runs out of toilet paper. What happens next will surprise him, and you...

Status: Synopsis completed. This will likely form Gabi's next directing job after "Lasagne" - and my next writing task after "Beyond". Expect this to start production early-mid 2015.


That's all my firm plans for now. I have other ideas in the pipeline, but they're still a good 6 months to a year off.

As ever, I'll update this blog when anything significant occurs with any of the projects.

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