Friday, 12 December 2014

"Ushers" [SHORT - 2014]

I've been a busy little bee, making a new film and all.

Firstly, I apologise. This would normally be the part where I embed my new film for all to watch. Er... yeah, I can't do that this time. See,  I shot it in an actual real life cinema, and the agreement was I wouldn't upload the full film onto the internet, for all to see. For now then, at least, here's the opening to the film:

What happens next? Mark and Sarah (the characters featured above) take a camera into their place of work, and make a film. In the style of Kevin Smith's Clerks...

Some background:

I originally wrote the "Ushers" script two years ago, for a staff member I worked with in Westfield's cinema. He, Sasha, didn't like the script... and so the thing was shelved.

Skip forward two years, and it's sitting, gathering dust in my abandoned script pile. My girlfriend looks through said pile late September, and reads both "Ushers" and "I Am A Vampire!". Immediately falling in love with the Vampire script, she agrees to go off and make it... Meanwhile, I'm sat reading "Ushers" for the first time in a long while, and I realise just how funny the script is!

Over the next few weeks, I go around casting the thing. Mark and Sarah first, of course, then everybody else. To my surprise, most people I approach agree to be in it. Some, yes, take some persuading, but in the end they're in! So I'm happy; I have my dream cast, and I'm ready to go...!

Well... not quite. First things first, I have a holiday in Ireland. During that, I film another project (!) - but in those rare moments of isolation, start to use my holiday R&R time to reflect on "Ushers" and how to make it.

I come up with a crazy filming schedule of 5 days worth of shooting; which might seem excessive, but as the script featured 36 scenes, and 15 characters it was otherwise a logistical nightmare! We pretty much stuck to that five day shoot too, although reshoots and additional, new scene added another couple of days on top.

Filming began on November 5th in Leicester Square, and continued on the 6th and 7th. We had the weekend off, and resumed on November 10th and 11th. There was a long, agonising (!!) break before we returned to film the last two scenes of the entire thing, on November 29th. Finally, unhappy with certain shots, I got the main actors back together, and filmed the last pick up shot on December 7th.

The film played on a Leicester Square cinema screen on December 9th, to an audience of its entire cast, forming part of my work's Christmas party. The feedback was good, not great!

I won't post more for now. I'll use my experiences from it, and my other recent shorts, to fuel the next x amount of blog posts here. I suppose it gives me something new and meaningful to talk about!!
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