Tuesday, 17 March 2015

March 17th, 2015

I've completed the re-editing of Self. It looks bloody great!

Youtube isn't letting me upload Self here for some reason - so the comparison video between the old and new versions will have to save for another day.

I have finally managed to rip all of my exisiting films onto Youtube, meaning that for the first time ever I don't have any low quality versions of my films on the site!

Updates on various projects:


Two serial killers meet up to discuss their craft.

Its director, and my girlfriend, Gabi Keresztes has assembled a rough copy of the film. It runs wildly long, so will need some trimming, and the sound isn't mixed - but aside from that, the film is virtually done.

She's filming some pick up shots on Thursday - and I'm invited to the set! Woo!! I promise not to break anything.

It goes without saying that the final film will be posted here when completed.


A thriller - what happens when a man runs out of toilet paper, but is witness to a murder?

An idea I had 2 years ago, and as of half an hour ago, the script is complete!

A colleague - Kenneth Spencer - wants to direct it. We're meeting at some point over the next seven days to discuss all aspects of the progress. After that he wants to storyboard, and we should be filming post-Easter.


A year long project: 12 months in the life of Jarvis and Vicky's relationship.

January/February/March and November's instalments are now completed, and edited. It's my turn to direct in April, so I'm planning my shoot now. If all goes according to plan we should be doing in slap bang in the middle of Piccadilly Circus... on a selfie stick!

You read that right. Watch this space!


The sequel to Self - catching up with writer Horatio Maguire 8 years on.

I've decided to split the project up into shorter Acts, and write/produce each of these individually. Why? Well... 8 years on, I wasn't getting very far looking at it as one long script. I kept having great openings, that then petered out into nothingness, as I couldn't crack the end of the script. This way, I at least produce something - and hope that seeing Act I come to life before me gives me enough motivation and creative drive to move onto Act 2 and 3.

At least that's the plan.

Part of the reason I re-edited Self was so I could re-use some of its footage in the follow-up. So now I'm through with Self, in my mind, I'm ready to move on and invest my heart and soul in the next chapter. Finally!!


New ideas:

A Sandwich Mystery - Somebody has stolen Helen's sandwich from the staff room fridge. But who? She will solve the mystery...

Semblance of Norm (Reconstructed) - The video of this up at the top is 3 minutes long. Originally we shot a 15 minute film. Lots was cut, as university asked for a shorter length. Time to add it back in, and follow the script more closely. However... various 'bits' were never filmed, meaning it will be difficult to bridge scenes. I'm going to use a storyboard/narration technique to fill in the gaps, and to create as complete a film as possible based on the original idea.
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