Thursday, 19 March 2015

March 18th, 2015

Gabi's filming tomorrow - some pick up shots from Lasagne. She's bringing her actress Jess Kerr with her... and me too. I'be been tasked with working out what needs to be filmed.

Looking at it, it's pretty much just Jess' entrance. It's got me thinking about what I could add to the film at this point, that might make the opening to the film more dynamic?

I think I'be cracked it. I'll add in a very short scene of her arriving, and crossing paths with somebody (after which she heads towards the table, and the rest of the film plays out):

JESSICA enters the restaurant, and descends the stairs.

She reaches a bar, finding a WAITER.

Would you be a doll and take this?

She gives him her coat.

Has anybody ever said you have a perfect face? I wish it were mine. And those eyes... I could just take them now!

The Waiter likes the compliment, and goes back to work.

Jessica moves away towards an empty table. As she flicks through the menu, she overhears MARTIN talking to a waitress, and decides to get up and go sit with him.

Scene then continues as normal.

We'll see what Gabi says! (But I think it's a much nicer intro than I'be given her in the current script)


Meanwhile Kenneth has read Out, and likes it. He's raised concern about two points:

1) There's more dialogue than he thought there would be.

2) We see more of the killer than he thought we would.

We're confirmed to be meeting Friday afternoon, at 4pm. I said we'll address his concerns, and I'd we can come up with a suitable solution then I'll happily make changes.

He's spending storyboarding and creating a shot list, which means... pre-production has officially started!


I added some old university classmates on Facebook, after deleting them all some time ago. I caught up with a few of them, and apologised to one for the way I behaved some years ago during the production of Tit-4-Tat. In hindsight, I was the one in the wrong, and behaved both horribly and unreasonably. Felt good putting g some history to bed.


Finally got my Fellow script out again
 It's covered in doodles, of all the shots I'd planned. I had forgotten I'd done that. Was a pleasant surprise!

Will plan a shooting schedule o liver the next few days, and then look at getting acots (though I'm playing the lead, Horatio Maguire)
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