Saturday, 21 March 2015

March 20th, 2015

Here's a quick edit of the Lasagne cold opening I shot last night, and edited this morning:

I've asked Gabi to reshoot, as the footage wasn't intended for the final cut of the film, and she'll need to get one of her actors to re-record the narration.

I'm sure she can do it better than me, anyway!


I sat in on the first production meeting for Out today, with Gabi and its director Kenneth Spencer. We talked Kenneth's redraft (his new dialogue is reverting back to my original) and discussed the logistics of filming. I think we're going to make it in the toilets at work - but all of us agreed that blocking will be a nightmare for this, due to the toilet cubicles being very tight.

Kenneth has two actors lined up, and just needs to find his actress.

All in all, it was very constructive. I'm writing the second and final draft right now, and then... we're ago!

Wish us luck.
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