Sunday, 22 March 2015

March 21st, 2015

I'm writing this on the night bus home. Central London on a Saturday night is a raw, horrible place. Drunks on display everywhere. Sleazy guys trying it on... I watch thinking 'eww'.

But nevermind that! Progress!


Gabi's been editing some more, and has created the titles. Which look something like one of thes (I think):

I like (all of them).

Film is currently 20 minutes 30 seconds long.


I've handed the script across to Kenneth. From my point of view, it's done and dusted. I've offered him my support, in whatever way he needs it. Dunno if he'll want to utilise it, mind!

The two of us met at work. I was on a 5-close, him a 5-12. We discussed the latest draft, and ironed a few things out, then looked over the place we want to shoot. Will be tight, but Kenneth thinks he can make it work.

He's after a storyboard artist now, and has lined up two of his three actors, his camera man and (potentially) a composer to write original music.

We're aiming to enter the finished product into Raindance 2015.

April 3rd

I linked the uploaded film to Beckie McIntrye, the piece's director.

She replied back:

"Hey Anthony, I've just watched it, and oh my, what a blast from the past!!!It's got my house in it - I moved out last year and my family moved to Bury, and it's so sad because the person who bought it basically gutted it and refurbished it. It was really nice to see what my old bedroom used to look like. Thanks for putting it up. I hope you're well :) "

Nice to hear. We fell out making the short originally. I'm glad that's been forgotten, or overlooked.
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