Monday, 23 March 2015

March 22nd, 2015

Not much to report on today, as I spent much of it at work on a 2-10 shift. They make it difficult to do anything decent pre-work, and impossible once you're done there.


Gabi's still editing away; chopping out bits here, and there. I watched back what she's done before, and she's fixed the one and only problem I had with the [SPOILER ALERT!] murder scene. There as a random cut, that took you out of the moment, and made you acutely aware that you were watching a movie. Now it's been excised and the scene already looks tonnes better (but it was already my favourite moment in the whole film).

Current film length is 18 minutes and 30 seconds.


Stood on Oxford Circus underground platform, with a 10 minute delay on the next carriage arriving - I watched a lot of mice on the tracks below, bored. I decide, for the first time in weeks, to get the completed script of Act One out, and read. God, it's good. I mean it! I really like it. Stood there (then sat, on the train, once it eventually arrived) I got suddenly excited about this project. Finally, it's coming off the ground! It's only taken 7 years (and 8 since Self) to develop the thing, to such a point it's ready to be filmed.

I think I'll begin work on it... well, I don't actually know. Any day now, probably. When I had the idea for That Resolute Desk, I sat on in for about half a week, then just... bam! Decided to get up and film, one random Sunday night. That'll probably happen again here. After years of build up, returning to the world of Horatio Maguire will just happen, somewhat unplanned.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to line up my actress to play a pivotal role - Margot Shelly. I worked with Rebecka Granfelt at the Westfield cinema, and we always planned to work together then. However, life got in the way and it never happened. Will now be the time for us? We'll see. Hopefully I can pull some strings, and get at least a day's filming out of her. Dunno if I'll need her again mind - as Acts Two and Three aren't written yet. I think it might be difficult to get her back at a later stage. Do I chance it, or do I write ahead, and plan if Margot returns?

Act Two will be 3 parts by the way, each telling different points of the story. Act Three will either be 1 or 2 parts (depending on how this all eventually wraps up) - bringing the total number of videos for Fellow to 5 or 6. Presuming each is no longer than 5 minutes, that means the film ends up being a half hour short. Nice!
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