Tuesday, 24 March 2015

March 23rd, 2015

Well, it's a start anyway...

The above video is what I've shot of Fellow so far (and some useless cutaways, which will be replaced in the final version with specially shot footage).

It's a fairly big milestone for me. I've been waited 8 years to reach this point!! Why then does it feel so anticlimactic? Because I'm underwhelmed by what I've shot (see below) or just because nothing to could live up to how I imagined this moment in my head?

(I've also shot a scene of Horatio submerged in bath water - but I haven't included in the above sequence, as I have yet to pick which if any of the takes I like)

Still, not sure if I like the footage or not yet. I don't know if it works. Will depend entirely on the scenes around them. As they haven't been shot yet, the piece is just jumping from one random bit to the next, and it looks odd.

I do like the face drawn in the mirror though. Horatio staring at his reflection is a nice call back to Self, where he does the same thing in his old bathroom.

Hmmm... I might film two more segments tomorrow, and see how it looks then, as the basic shape of the thing begins to assemble.

As best I can I want to disguise my bedroom. I've used it too much in my films - especially in That Resolute Desk. It might be a teeny bit OCD, but I don't want that same room appearing in another of my shorts!
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