Wednesday, 25 March 2015

March 24th, 2015


More Fellow filming!

Today I shot the bedroom scenes. I tried to re-record the narration, but I just couldn't crack it. By that, I mean I tried over and over again - but failed to successfully record anything of use. My brain just couldn't comprehend what was needed of it, and my voice sounded either too fast, or unclear, through all takes. In the end I stuck yesterday's attempt at narration onto the film (though I'll very, very likely re-record all voice over eventually).

The video is a rough assembly, meaning I've added descriptions of what happens inbetween all of the shot sequences (if bits are missing). I haven't added scene descriptions for the ending yet, as I've only filmed up until a certain point. No point spoiling the film here if I don't have to!

Anyhoo... It's becoming evident that the editing of this will make or break the film. I'm concerned that the jump cuts are too jarring.

And the sound for the bedroom scenes is too low.


Kenneth asked for a quick word at work today about blocking the film. I said that as long as it doesn't affect the story, then I'm happy with whatever blocking works for him.

In return, he explained how excited he is to be making this. Great stuff!
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