Friday, 27 March 2015

March 27th, 2015

Another day of not muchy-ness.


Gabi messaged me at midday to tell me she think she's lined somebody up to play Margot Shelly; Horatio's big time crush, who will break his heart.

She tells me the girl is called Paulina, and is blonde/very geeky-sassy as Margot should be. I just have to wait for Gabi to go back to work, as the girl works with her. Next time she meets, Gabi will broach the subject of her helping.

(We worked out that  we'd only need the actress for 3 hours or so. I've planned things out in minute detail; so come filming day they'll be none of the usual delays)

I think I've cracked the next sequence I'd the film too. Fingers crossed!


Gabi is working on a trailer, and we're searching through potential copywrite free music we could use. Trouble is, none of it fits the tone of the film perfectly (as it must)

Alas, Gabi couldn't use my laptop as I was bust doing my own thing on it. Her laptop is too slow and not receptive enough to edit a 15 minute film sequence.

She can have the usual laptop back tomorrow - promise!
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