Monday, 30 March 2015

March 29th, 2015

No update yesterday as I didn't feel I'd achieved enough to warrant one. That thought haunted and depressed me as I lay in bed, trying to sleep.

But nevermind that... today!


Gabi's chipping away, as determined as ever to get the edit completed. From the brief snippets I caught in her Facebook messages tonight, I think she's added music to the [SPOILER!] murder scene. Opera music, she says - which is great, because even though I'd never considered it before, I've always loved opera and it'd fit the piece well.


I think Kenneth is growing inpatient at not having his actors. He tried changing the script again last night. I've no idea why - we'd both agreed that the final draft works. Sometimes it's frustrating being a writer, and watching others nitpick an idea that works well.

I wish I could throw him a lifeline, but my actress friend Rebecka still hasn't replied. Damn.


A member of my staff, VasCo,  says he'll be my sound recordist for the park scenes. Yes! Suddenly it feels like a proper film, and not a flimsy amateur thing.

Also talked to staff at Piccadilly cinema about it all. One of the newbies Dana really took a shine to it (and Out) when I told her about them last week. Now I find myself offering constant updates. But I don't mind. Writer me has been out in the cold for a long time and likes the attention he's suddenly getting!

That Resolute Desk: Six of One

Dana doesn't think that the protagonists Jarvis and Vicki deserve to remain together at the end. I think she has a point. Maybe we'll see when I come to write the last installment at the end of the year.

In the meantime my thoughts turn to filming the April segment - in Piccadilly Circus, the video camera on the end of a selfie stick. God, that's going to be one awkward shoot...

I desperately hope this film hangs together as a whole. Telling Dana about it tonight, I was a little nervous that what we'be done so far might not live up to the promise of the premise. I think I'm always this nervous midway though filming,  before everything assembles and takes its natural place.
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