Thursday, 26 March 2015

Match 25th, 2015

From a production point of view not much to talk about today.


Kenneth has asked me to ask Rebecca Granfelt to be in the film. He saw a picture of her and describes her as the perfect looking Hitchcock girl.

There's only two problems with casting her:

1) She's ridiculously hard to get hold of. I messaged her the other day and she still hasn't replied back. It's been 4 days! There's only so many follow-up "?" I can send, before I (and Kenneth, too) have to resign myself to the fact she's just too busy, or plain not interested right now.

2) Her latest profile picture shows she has short side hair. As in, shaved. Dunno if this is her current look, but if it is it probably wouldn't sit right for Out (it'd be fine for Fellow though - which opens a whole new can of worms: if she agrees to film do I put her in Fellow like I originally intended, or do I sacrifice her in my film, so she can be in Out? I doubt her being in both would work).


So... I took my camera to Gabi's tonight, hoping to film the sequence at the start of the film, where the camera tracks Horatio walking. Only I forgot my memory card, rendering the camera useless without it. Damn.

I sent my sister Lauren the script. She's 16, and wanting to study media. I thought I'd give her a helping hand by get to g her to assist me with the Manchester. How cool would that be for her, to start college with one film already under her belt?


Gabi has fixed her laptop. Up to now she's been editing on my laptop; which we'be shared inbetween Lasagne edits, and me writing other scripts.

She can take the footage back home and edit in her own time, in her own house. She hopes it'll speed things up, and she wants to be done by month's end. Honestly, I think it's more likely we'll see her final (brilliant) edit done and dusted by the end of next month.
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