Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Match 30th, 2015

Updates (but nothing substantial):


For once, Gabi let me edit! I overlapped bits of dialogue here and there, and chopped any 'dead' space. In total, a whopping 2 minutes has gone!

Current video length - 15 minutes 30 seconds.

Gabi has rerecorded the opening narration, dropping me and adding in Robbie (the main actor of the piece). That's fine by me! I never intended to remain in the final edit, and I'm chuffed the opening is remaining as it really does solve the problem of establishing who the characters are and their purpose.

I think we'll be done by end of April. Whoo!


The actress I wanted to use originally in Fellow, then this has FINALLY replied today, asking if it's possible to hold off filming until May.

Ouch. I know director Kenneth is very keen to get started, and won't like having to wait an extra month to do so. Looks like Rebecka is officially out (I'd you mind the pun).

Kenneth is starting the storyboards tomorrow.

He's confident we'll have a cast assembled soon.


Gabi is going to speak to a work colleague on Wednesday (when she's next in) about being my Margot Shelly. If she agrees then I could resume filming as early as next week!

I might be heading home for a weekend next month. If I do, I'm going to try and complete the end of Act One then too.

Which means... Act One might be done and dusted by end of May!
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