Sunday, 19 April 2015

April 18th, 2015

A productive day for all things Lasagne!


Gabi did something unusual last night, and actually stayed up later than me. That never happens! She says she was just in the mood to edit, and she probably put off sleep for as long as possible to do it. Well... it's had a positive effect on the film, as the last third of it is now completed.

Of course, it wasn't quite as easy as that. Gabi played what she edited to me this morning, and I pointed out any occurrences of sync issues, or any other problem that I observed as the viewer. Once she'd fixed them, I used the Audacity sound programme to remove all background noise - and hey presto, we had perfect sound and picture!

The last thing to do was add the all important credits - set to the 1970's song "Spirit in the Sky" by Dr and the Medics. Looks great!

Gabi is moving onto the first third of the film next, then lastly will finalise the middle section.

After that - we're officially done! At last!!

Semblance of Norm (Reconstructed)

I think I've spoken about this before? I want to re-edit my 2008 film, Semblance of Norm, as I was never truly happy with the final version. University dictated that it needed to be 3 and a half minutes long... and we were already over 10 minutes! So a lot of footage had to go, and in chopping that amount, we lost the entire narrative of the film.

Now, I want to recreate that original version. Trouble is, I can remember at the time of editing realising that we were missing a few shots. We would have gone back and reshot, but by that point we were aware of the amount of trimming needed, so never bothered. That leaves me with a problem... I'll overcome it by creating a still image 'storyboard' of those missing shots, to fill in the blanks.

Anyhoo, today I used Roxio to upload the first Mini DV tape of rushes. Tomorrow I'll upload the second, and then the editing can begin.

(This first DV tape is completely missing sound. I wonder if we used a boom mic on the day, and if the sound was saved elsewhere? Regardless - luckily! - it's not needed anyway for this project.)
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