Thursday, 2 April 2015

April 1st, 2015

It's funny how each script I write feels completely different to the last. Some depend on huge, detailed notes. Others need nothing more than a one page synopsis. I'm working on Fellow now - with nothing more than a series of (yet) unconnected scenes planned in my head.

Act 2.1 is shaping up nicely. Where there was once a void of ideas, I'm now filling in the gaps - quickly, and efficiently. Those opening scenes I wrote last night have been ditched in part, and the rest has been swapped around so it now plans in a different order, with an improved dynamic.

To give you an idea of the script changes:

Yesterday's draft opened with a flashback of Horatio, 8 years ago in Self. The footage, lifted from the original film, was the film's ending - with Horatio deleting his script. We then jumped back to the present day, and Horatio making a self-aware joke about this being a sequel, and asking "Now, where was I?"

Today, I like the idea of using a flashback sequence - but I've added a nice speech before it, with Horatio acknowledging that 2007 is a year he remembers well. Then... cue the flashback! Then... Horatio drops the bombshell that the flashback is the day he quit writing.

That end bit is important; because actually this is the story of a directionless writer, and I missed that in the first draft. It will also help to set up what comes up in Act 2.3/Act 3.

I like this new order, I really do. It's odd, but I can't explain why. It's like a code in my mind; this just makes more sense now, and 'fits' the piece better. I think originally the flashback lacked context, and was therefore just an oddity, and the self-aware joke fell flat.

That's not all! We're now up to 2 full pages of script, as I added the first few scenes following the titles in. I'll more than likely rework them too next time I'm typing!


Gabi has asked her colleague Paulina would she appear in the film. She said yes! So now we're trying to plan a filming day next week - after which all that remains would be the Manchester scenes of Act 1.

(It's weird, knowing Margot Shelly - a character I've had only in my mind for 5/6 years - is about to come to life)


I was writing, whilst watching The X Files season 2 episodes 20-22.
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