Tuesday, 28 April 2015

April 24th, 2015

The first Friday of Avengers: Age of Ultron and I'm off. Free to do my own thing, which lead to me meyeing some of Gabi's visiting friends from Hungary and - yes - filming!

That Resolute Desk: Six of One

When me and Gabi sat down in December 2014 to discuss the project we discussed One month where my character Jarvis has an awkward meeting with Gabi's character's friends.

That should have been April's story.

Things change. As we're going down the route of me moving and incorporating that into the story, we had to drop something in its place and so out went the friends meal idea for April.

But! After realising her friends were coming to the UK Gabi asked could we put it back in. I adapted the plans and it's now a short prologue to the May scenes. I think it adds to the drama.

We filmed it in Nando's Covent Garden. The sound is ridiculously bad so me and Gabi need to record ADR, but aside from that Gabi had edited it and it looks good.


Or the film that torments my soul. I'm trying to fix the sound. Still.

Gabi met Marianne Chase, the actress who plays the waitress, earlier on this week and she re-recorded all her dialogue. I've added that to sequence... only it shows up how bad the rest of the sound is so we now (potentially) need to re-record the other two actors again.

One day Lasagne will be finished...!

(I had the idea 8 years ago; it's a miracle it's got to this point!)
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