Monday, 11 May 2015

May 11th, 2015

(And technically May 10th, too...)


I'm in Manchester. Filming! Aside from the Bedtime Story segments shot at both my mum and dad's houses, this is the first piece of fiction I've shot in my home town since 2007's Self. An apt piece to return with, then!

(2008's Semblance of Norm was shot in Bolton, as was 2009's Film Quiz)

I arrived yesterday and intended to shoot scenes with my Mum - playing Horatio's mum in the film. As time ran out, plans shifted and we filmed today instead.

To recap:

Felliw is a sequel to Self; featuring a return for its protagonist, writer Horatio Maguire.

It will be shot in 5 segments - Act 1, Act 2 (Parts 1,2 & 3) and Act 3. Right now I'm still filming Act 1, whilst writing Act 2.1.

I've so far shot the opening half (or thereabouts) of Act 1 # way back in March and April. Today I recorded most of the remaining bits. Just had to create a montage sequence towards the beginning, film me out working a dead end job some place, and the two end scenes.

Not sure what I think of the footage I used my step-dad in one scene, but he's such an unnatural in front of the camera; constantly grinning when that's nor what the scene needs. I'm worried it doesn't work. Might have to re shoot it next time I'm in town.

That's the thing. I'm only here for 2 nights. not only do I have a lot of family visits to cram in, but I've brought Gabi too. Lots to do, people to see, and not much time to do it in.

One interesting aside from today's filming:

Whilst I shot the scenes of Horatio's mum and dad talking to him, my young niece and nephews were around.  Of course, sod's law, ad soon as the cameras started rolling they were restless, and NOISY. I was there directing the scene, literally holding my niece Brooke in my hands! She's looking up at me, with that look that declares to you "I'm about to cry soon". Needless to say my attention wasn't on my parents/actors as it should have been. Then again a part of me feels everything will be fine once it's all edited together. We'll see.

More filming tomorrow, hopefully.
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