Wednesday, 13 May 2015

May 12th, 2015

Another (Manchester) filming day!!


It was my last day back home - and I started it shooting the penultimate scene of Act 1 with my mum. In it, her character asks Horatio what's the matter with him - to which Horatio responds that he's turning the clock back, to recapture his youth.

Trouble is... yet again I don't know if it works. Maybe I'm just overly panicking, I don't k ow, but there's a feeling in my gut that this sequence and some of yesterday's just aren't good enough.  My mum isn't an actress - and I'm not much cop as an actor, either. I think that ameteuristic nature shows through; and it's pretty cringe worthy.

I wish I could edit the sequence together, because that would definitely help me to see whether it does work or not. However... coming straight home to London, I was straight to work... and I won't have much time between now and Friday to edit. Sad times.

Still - even if I re shoot,  this is a useful base to tell me where what went wrong originally, and what to avoid doing again in future.

Next lot of Fellow shooting will be the montage sequence, as well as the 5 seconds of me working a dead end job (moat likely distributing comedy store flyers)

Untitled Cinema Project

I have the basis for an idea now. I shoot my actor in various London cinemas, with him/her then saying:

"Whether you work here, or here, or here... Once behind a till, there's one thing we've all been expected to do. Up sell."

Hmm. It's something at least. Unlike my original idea, it gets straight on in there and doesn't waste a second waffling on.

Deadline to record, edit, the full works in a week tomorrow. ARGH!

That Resolute Desk: Six of One

Me and Gabi are going to film this coming Saturday, as we're both off work. as we've shot November's already, this then is our 6th segment - meaning we're now halfway though making g the thing. Scary!
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