Saturday, 16 May 2015

May 16th, 2015

Or "Around the Vue's in 7 hours"


Yep. You read that title correctly.

It's my corporate upselling video that my General Manager asked me to create last week. He wants to use it at his next Area Meeting as a training tool for all London sites.

Took me a while to form an idea for it. My brain came up with literally nothing, for days. Then... I cracked it!

I decided to film the beginning of the piece in each one of the conpany's site - a sorta rapid montage of "here, here and here". To do it mind, meant I had to travel to each of the area's cinemas. With time running short (the meeting is next Wedsnesday) I had to do it all... In one day!

I did it, with Gabi's help. Now I'm pretty shattered; even though all I did was commute all day. No, seriously - I spent 45 minutes each getting to sites, and only spent 2 or 3 minutes filming in each!!

The worst to get to eas Acton, owing to a tube replacement bus service in operation. At least the bus ride was quiet and relaxing (if sooooooo very long).

We took a selfie outside each cinema. If you look carefully you can actually see us both losing the will to live as the day goes on...

Tomorrow we film the main part of the film and then I somehow how to find the time to edit the thing together.

Oh and I'm not actually all that settled on the title. Seems a bit... well, shit.

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