Sunday, 17 May 2015

May 17th, 2015

Hmmm. Valuable lesson I learnt today: If your girlfriend is your camera person... and you've had a bit of a lover's tiff... best to clear the air before filming begins, or it's just plain awkward*


As I've now (sensibly) decided to retitle Up$ellers.


A filming day!

Yes, following hot on the heels of yesterday's tour of London, I filmed the main body of the film today. I did this at my own cinema, in the West End of London.

Today's bits were me talking to camera, and explaining the general principle of upselling to customers. I also touched on how to set up the concessions stand to be a speedier, and therefore more effective seller.

Unfortunately for them (!) I dragged two unlucky staff members in to help me illustrate some points. Now, they weren't planned to be in the film. It's not like I auditioned them, or ask them to be in it beforehand. Oh no... with time literally not on my side, I didn't have time for any of that! So when they turned up for shift, I - in my privileged position as their manager - forced them into it! (They didn't mind. Both said it beats the typical mundane cinema tasks!)

I think the end footage came out OK. I pretty much got everything I needed, although I might need to return for a few cutaways.

Will start editing the thing over the next few days. Has to be ready, or at least a very rough version of it does, for this Wednesday when my General Manager will showcase it at the Area Meeting.

*Everything's better now though, thanks.
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