Tuesday, 19 May 2015

May 19th, 2015

I think sometimes life is the most exciting when there's too much going on. You are doing lots of different things, and don't have time to fully take in each experience. My life is like that now. Maybe one day I'll read these blogs back, and appreciate in a way I don't right now.


I've edited the piece together, which I'd love to post here. However... it's a corporate video. My cinema wouldn't be best pleased if I put something online that revealed its trade secrets. Sorry!

I took it into work today to show other's. Some loved it, others thought I was too miserable in it! TBH, I can't really argue with them... I am! But I was stuck, in that it needed to be filmed fast, and that meant I didn't have time to get others involved.

The rough version has been sent on to my General Manager Matt to play at tomorrow's meeting. Fingers crossed it goes down well!

UPDATE - 20/05/2015: Matt didn't even play it. Damn! After I rushed to edit it, and all.
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