Friday, 1 May 2015

May 1st, 2015

Almost there...


We're putting the finishing touches to the sound now. I'm aware I haven't updated on this process daily, but it's really quite droll!

I'be used Audacity frequently over the past month to filter out background noise, and to amplify voices. This goes hand in hand withe ADR that director Gabi shot with all of the actors (as the sound on the original video recording was too poor - full of background d music, that no Audacity clean-up could jettison).

It then became a process of syncing up the new ADR voices with the current video (it doesn't always fit, but I did my best)

After that, Gabi added foley sound effects. A first for one of my films! The video was finished by my end of April target - well, almost. We missed a couple of SFX out, so Gabi asked could we re-edit them back in; meaning we finished 24 hours layer than planned. But that's OK - because...


The last phase is completed! Yep. It's saved as a video file on my laptop. It's done.

Now - I just wait for the upload to Youtube to complete and you guys and gals can watch it.

Lasagne: Complete!
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