Monday, 4 May 2015

May 4th, 2015

Forgive me if I don't make a Star Wars themed pun...


We're still a week or so away from me visiting Manchester - i.e. the first opportunity I've got to film the remainder of Act 1. Until then, I'm trying to wrack my brain around Act 2; specifically, the first third of it.

See, I think I know how it ends. I want to feature an emotional montage set to a song I've just discovered (no SPOILERS from me today, sorry). To do that, I need to build the story up to that specific moment, so I can then bring the house of cards crashing down around Horatio. If done well, it should be really good drama, that packs a punch. It helps actually, as it's giving me a structure for Act 2 that up to now I've been missing.

That's not to say writing it is now easy. Oh no! Far from it. I know that this is the part of the film where I can have a little fun with the concept - but all to often my brain is trying to move ahead, and abandon that, very important, part of the story.

Trouble is, I'm finding it difficult to show the passage of time on film... because, aside from Self, I don't have much other footage to go off (either featuring 2007 me, or 2007 Manchester). I have to find other clever ways of illustrating my point and that's easier said than done.

Still, I have some notes written down in my notebook now, and the first page written in draft format. The question now is, when will I get time to sit down and finish off what I've started?
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