Thursday, 4 June 2015

Goodbye Cinema

After 8 years, I've left my job at the cinema.


I resigned back in February, and then worked probably the longest resignation in history! Today was my last day, and as you can imagine after so long it feels very peculiar to be leaving the business behind. So why am I? Ultimately, it comes down to ambition. Since childhood, I've had a set goal in my life (to be a script writer) and the longer I worked in a cinema business, well... the longer I wasn't scriptwriting.

So, I'm throwing myself overboard. I'm going to try and wrestle with the film and TV industry; applying for internships, or entry level positions. I might sink, I might swim - it's a great big bucket of unknown, and thus, quite scary and daring.

Sometimes that's just the way it has to be, though. Gabi is nervous about the change too. I don't blame her! But fingers crossed it all works out, and something good comes my way before too long. I'll keep this blog updated with any news.

Over, and out!
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