Thursday, 18 June 2015

June 18th, 2015

A filming day!


After the delays of the last few days, I finally managed to get something done on the project today. Not that my sister Lauren, ultimately, was much help. We shot the first sequence - of Horatio shaving his hair in the bathroom - and then she bailed out on me! I think it was a combination of the fact she's never used a camera before (so is shy) but also an impatience for filming techniques. I did several takes, and fed back to her that in the first couple her camera movement needed to be slower, and more natural. In the next couple, her hand kept shaking. She didn't respond well to the direction, and essentially then quit! Luckily her last take is usable (but still has a few minor camera wobbles).

After Lauren buggered off, I was left alone. Thankfully I brought my tripod with me, and the rest of the day's filming didn't involve camera movement - so I was able to finish off filming the scenes already started in the bathroom, whilst the lighting matched and before the room was reset. The tone of this sequence is quite light - we're at the beginning of Act 2 now don't forget, and we're allowed to have some fun with the concept (adult regressing to teenager). I kinda rip myself in it; stating how I've changed since 2007. Basically I'm old, fat and boring when compared to teenage me.

I've since edited the footage into sequence, and have shot another few bits and bobs - including Horatio undressing for bed. Good news for anybody who's ever wanted to see me in my underwear. Nobody?

There's also been some more progress on the script front. Yesterday I'd managed to write Act 2.1's 'cold opening' (filmed today) but everything I wrote after that felt a little muddled, and confused. It didn't quite know what tone it wanted, or how it fitted in with the story. Today, I edited the first third of the script so it know feels 'done' and ready to film. I still haven't cracked the rest of it, mind. I'm having trouble trying to make it believable what Horatio is up to now he's made the regression back to adolescence. I've had him contact old friends and have a tantrum - but where do I take him next?

Some ideas, only partially formed in my mind:

It would be fun to have him visit Manchester City Centre
I want to see Horatio out in a night club
Gabi suggested he might try a cigarette

At the end of this latest video, he needs to realise that's something is missing from his life; all these teenage-inspired activities aren't as fun as they should be. That leads him on to think about his writing in the other videos. I think it's important we don't mention his creativity in this video, though. Feels too soon. I think Horatio is probably repressing his feelings; he wouldn't go back to writing without trying everything else first, and realising that they're wrong.

More tomorrow! I hope.
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