Saturday, 20 June 2015

June 19th, 2015

A filming day!


Work carried on with Act 2 Part 1. I'm almost making this one chronologically, so filmed the morning after yesterday's scenes. In them, Horatio ditches the last remnants of his 2015, as he dresses up like his old self again.

It's the first time since this...

...That I've looked like this:

It was very, very surreal dressed up like that again. I've had this idea, to revisit Horatio, in my head for so long now that it felt at times this day would never come! This, and finally capturing Margot Shelly on film in Act 1, have made the troubles thus far worth it.

More important though, the shot footage is very funny! Features some great performances from my mum and step-dad Dave.

Everything is edited, and loaded to Youtube. I won't be posted it (or further 'rough assemblies') here, but will wait and load the final completed films instead. I didn't mind doing that with Act 1 (as I'll continue to do through post-production) as it captures the day to day process well, at a relatively early point in the film, so 'ruining' the experience doesn't feel, to me at least, as much of a risk.

Aside from filming/editing, I'm also going to bed convinced that I've also cracked the end of Act 2 from a script POV! Yes, finally!! Curiously, I think it will end on a happy note. I was going to introduce the first twang of angst in the closing moments... but instead I think it's more important I leave Horatio have his moment of contentness, before the doubts start to creep in during Act 2 Part 2 - and beyond.
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