Monday, 22 June 2015

June 21st, 2015

A filming day!

(Also Carnival Day here in Prestwich, Manchester. An excruciating experience, that should make me proud to come from this place. Instead, it just embarrassed me and made me want to go back home faster, and film!)


After a day off visiting my Dad yesterday, I returned to piecing together Act 2 Part 1.

Today's footage actually isn't a lot, but forms an important montage sequence, that is part of Horatio leaving his old life behind him. As I haven't had time to edit it today (it's also Father's Day... and I have two Dad's) it's difficult to judge if it's a successful shoot of not.

One thing I am proud of is a wee special effect I made! Horatio grabs some bags stored in his loft, which were stored long ago. Of course, my prop bag wasn't... si needed dusting up. The added fake dust looks quite effective, I think.

Will edit tomorrow - then return to London for a few days, which likely means production on Fellow will halt for a week or so.
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