Monday, 22 June 2015

June 22nd, 2015

Not much to report today - having spent a good chunk of my time making the travel from Manchester to London.


Before the journey I sat down and edited yesterday's footage into sequence. It's a montage piece, and looks ok. I realised I'd missed shots out that were originally scripted within the scene:

1) Horatio deletes his Facebook, then Netflix
2) Horatio makes himself a horrible healthy blended drink

Not the problem is, I can't just go back and film these bits... because I'm not sure where they would fit in the sequence. It's not just me being stubborn and not wanting to re-edit (genuinely doesn't bother me) - but rather, I don't see HOW adding those bits in would work.

Anyhoo... I shot a tiny segment, of Horatio deleting his Facebook. I ran out of time before shooting the other missing bits, so they'll have to wait until I'm back in Manchester, which is likely Friday.

When I do return, here's the plan...

I'm going to film with my friend Phil Wooller, who was also the camera man for Self. We'll likely go back to Bury town centre, where some of the sequences for that first film were shot. Then I might venture more towards Manchester, and find a new location to film Act 2 Part 1's end montage - where Horatio is having a bit of fun with the concept of the film... i.e. acting like a teenager.

Then there's my Dad. I might borrow him one day, and attempt filming with him too. I say "attempt" as he's rather clumsy with a camera... and doesn't particularly care for retakes. I tried filming with him on both That Resolute Desk and A Bedtime Story, to very mixed results. But still... he's a resource.

One person I can't rely on when I get back to Manchester is my Mum - who is travelling to Turkey. So it means she's out of action for two weeks. Any scenes between Horatio and his parents will have to wait until she's back! (Mum is also reliable as a camera person, so could potentially help with location filming too)

I'm trying to ask my girlfriend Gabi to join me for a few days, and film with me. For personal reasons (which I won't go into here) she doesn't want to make the travel up North from London, so she's out.

But!! I'm sure there's other friends in Manchester who'd help. Right?

We'll see. Enough filming talk for now. It's back to London, and job hunting, and hopefully some more writing of Act 2 (all 3 parts).
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