Friday, 26 June 2015

June 26th, 2015

A filming day! (Well, just...)


I made the commute back to Manchester today - but got in quite late, meaning I was limited in my filming possibilities. I wanted to do something today, just because it's been a few days since any update. So I filmed two short segments, that were left over from last week's shoot.

These were the end of the montage section in Act 2 Part 1, where Horatio bins his old stuff and roots around his loft for his old possessions. Today's filming saw him tear open his bag of old clothes; bridging the montage with the following scene, where Horatio is now dressed as his old self again.

Afterwards, I conducted a test on my old Sony DV camera. I need to film a very, very short shot in the same style as Self. Obviously, I made Self a long time ago now - during college, when I was still using DV tapes. In fact, today's test was shot at the end of the actual DV tape used for the Self production! I'm hoping it matches with another bit filmed in 2007. I'll go back to the original filming location used back then tomorrow and capture the footage. I'll then mix it in with the existing film, and we'll see.

No update on the script. It's swirling around in my head; my subconscious readying it. I would attempt to capture in script form tonight, but I'm shattered. It's almost bedtime, and I think I'd rather wait until tomorrow morning before attempting the writing.
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