Monday, 29 June 2015

June 29th, 2015

A whopper of a filming day!


I met Phil Wooller, my camera man for the day, in Bury. It's where the two of us went to college together, and where a good chunk of Self was filmed back in 2007. We filmed a number of short shots for Act 2 Part 1's music montage in the park next to Holy Cross Sixth Form College, and then jumped on the next bus to Manchester City Centre.

There we filmed a pivotal conversation between Horatio and his friend Graham, from Act 2 Part 2. It's the first scene from that episode to be recorded, and should look OK when edited. If I'm honest though, I'd have preferred Phil (who I was also acting opposite in this bit) to have worn a shirt and tie for the bit... but his acting was fine, so I can't really complain too much.

We also continued to shoot bits for the montage section of Part 1.

Phil shot off to work, and I bussed back home. There, I shot another short bit for Part 2, before I started to edit everything shot on my laptop. The montage sequence, which I haven't really had a feel of before, looks good when set to the intended music (Mika's 'Love Today') but it's clear I've only recorded enough for the first third. I have at least 2 minutes left to go!

Finally, I filmed this - another throwback to Self, part of Part 1's music montage, and seen here compared to the original Self scene:

More filming with Phil in Manchester tomorrow.
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