Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June 30th, 2015

Another filming day - on the hottest day of the year so far!

(I went home from filming last night, and several hours later my face was a bright red; burnt in the sun that day)


I met up with Phil Wooller again, and we dedicated all of today's time to filming in Manchester.

Ultimately it broke down to two sections:

Act 2 Part 1

We shot lots of bits and pieces for the montage sequence...

Urinating against the wall - This was actually filmed twice, due to a continuity error (me wearing the wrong piece of costume). We looked around for a good while to find the best possible wall to piss against, because there's an art in that apparently. Of course, I didn't really pee - I bought a 4 pack of Lucozade Sport, coloured a convenient yellow, and squirted that out.

Smoking - The worst bit, as I've never smoked a cigarette in my life, and I didn't want to end that personal record today. I lit the cig, and then pretended to smoke. At that moment in the video we cut - so you don't see I didn't really take a puff in!

Chewing bubblegum - Harder than it looks, actually!

Eating McDonald's - Sounds fun, yeah? Wrong! As the sequence has a finite running time, I had to eat it quick. Super quick. As I always do when I rush, I got hiccups - and if you look carefully you can see it in the end video! (The footage has been speeded up 8x)

Act 2 Part 2

Lots of shots around Manchester landmarks:

Outside of Manchester Central

By the canal

Near a building site, on St. Peter's Square

At the former Cornerhouse site

A Castlefield backstreet

Market Street

Near to the Birdcage nightclub

Walking towards the old C.I.S. building

The footage outside the Cornerhouse is interesting, as back in the very earliest days of this project (when it was still known as Self 2.0 or The Fool) I wrote in the idea of a closed cinema. This is a nice hark back to a long since abandoned idea!


After me and Phil parted ways and I returned home, I continued filming. I created a few more sequences for Act 2.1's montage:

Horatio taking a bubble bath

Horatio using a straw in his drink

Making/eating beans on toast

Spraying Linx onto himself


Once all those bits were done, I then started to edit again. It's tough, trying to maintain the tone of the sequence, and the energy throughout. I've got about 50% of it left to film; and I may potentially re-film bits already shot, due to poor lighting, or their tone not fitting in with the rest. We'll see.

Minimal filming tomorrow, I think.

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