Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Moving Out, Moving On

I suppose this is the second half of the process started here; ending one chapter of my life for good.

Why? Because I moved out of my home of 5 years, Pennard Road, today. That room in Shepherds Bush, London has been my constant through:

+ Two cinema roles (Westfield, then West End)
+ Two girlfriends, and that strange incident with Taru.
+ Lots of family visits (Chiefly my Dad, but also Mum, my sister Donna and her fella Phil, my sister Lauren, my step-mum, my step-dad, my step-brother Ashley and his then girlfriend Kirsty, and my nephew Kyle)
+ Friends' visits (mostly Jack and Dan, but also Emma and Sophie)
+ Countless TV shows, as I've boxset binged (the most memorable being E.R., Mad Men, The X Files, 24, Six Feet Under, Buffy and, of course, the Doctor Who universe)

I also used the room as a filming location in the following pieces:

+ That Resolute Desk (2012)
+ That Resolute Desk: Seas Will Rise (2013)
+ A Bedtime Story (2013)
+ That Resolute Desk: Seven-Thirty (2014)
+ Ushers (2014)
+ That Resolute Desk: Six of One (2015)
+ Fellow (2015)

It's where Lasagne (2015) was edited by my gf Gabi too.

I've had numerous uphill struggles with my landlord - and seen my rent rise from that first month's £585, then to £600, then £650 and finally £675. London, huh?

My neighbours have been constant, a nice I Irish couple called Bill and Jeanine. I'll miss them, actually.

The plan was originally to move out in November 2013. It's why if you ever watch A Bedtime Story in full (congrats if you do, and a little pity too) my room is stripped bare when the film hits the Halloween mark. As a favour to my landlord I re-plastered bits of the wall, and painted them again. I did the same this time, too - meaning I'm moving out of a room that's in better shape than when I moved into it!

Which leads to today. An empty room. The last day. Land lord arriving to pick up the keys. Me handing them across, and taking one last look back at where I called home. A little sad as, for now at least, whilst I'm job hunting still, my life remains in flux... and I have no real home to go to.
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