Saturday, 11 July 2015

July 11th, 2015

Today's entry is a bit of a cheat... as I haven't really done anything creative with these 24 hours. Instead I've had a day with the family, and am now exhausted. But! I thought I'd still blog, as it may give a bit of an insight into what goes on in my mind from a script prospective, mid-project.


As it stands, aside from a tiny bit of Act 2 Part 3, the second act of Fellow is now written. It means my brain moves onto the conclusion - Act 3.

Back in the days when I use to write my comics, I would frequently think ahead to the next script, or the next but one. However, as I moved into making short films, that kinda stopped. After all, there's a world of difference in planning ahead to something that involves the same characters, and something that is utterly different. The nice thing about Fellow is due to the Act structure I've imposed, each part feels like a new episode - and so, it's the closest I've come to recapturing how I once wrote those comics over 10 years ago.

Do I know what happens in Act 3?

I know the broad strokes. The biggie being that Horatio has to be writing, properly, by the end. There's also the fallout of his dad's death. I don't know if this will make up all of the story, or just a chunk - or even if I'll just put a "3 months later" tag at the minute, and move on from it (but have the story be about Dad's absence).

Any scenes specifically planned?

Only one - Horatio commenting that in times gone by he'd had inherited a type writer from his Dad. These days, he has to settle for a laptop!

Anything else?

Nope! I'll be making it up as I go along.

Isn't that scary?

It's terrifying! Especially when there's 4 previous videos (5 if you include Self) that I have to reference, and pay off. But it's also immensely fun. Anything could happen! This is the best part - where the possibilities are endless.

What happens now?

I'll take a few walks, and will disappear into my head during them. I'll be more observant than ever. People talking on the bus will inspire me, and I'll take their stories away and form my own story from them. More than anything, I'll watch Acts One and Two back-to-back more than a few times, and eventually my brain will tick over, and decide what comes next.

What's beyond Act 3?

Ha! The million dollar question!

I want to write something quite political and pointed. I've never done that before. Maybe it's time to write that Deborah script I've had stuck in my head for years?

Another part of me wants to jump straight in, and write the 3rd chapter in the Horatio Maguire series (after Self and Fellow). I wouldn't record it this year, but would sit on it for 12 months or so - I just don't want to end up in the same boat as I was after Self, in that I just couldn't get back into the mind of Horatio, and create his new adventures. I have the idea for this 3rd entry in my head - I just need to work out the format, and the inciting incident.

More than likely though, I'll just stop writing for a couple of months, as I focus on finalising the edits on the Fellow videos.
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