Sunday, 12 July 2015

July 12th, 2015

It's starting to come together nicely...


Around lunchtime today my mum's cousin Susan paid a visit. Mum was out, but me and Susan got talking - and discussing my film. She's very clever, and offered a great insight on the story. I told her all of the emotionally beats of the plot, and she congratulated me - and sounded very excited by what I'd created!

I think it inspired me. After she left I whipped the laptop out, and started the writing process for Act 3. As it currently stands, half of it is now down on paper - and I know exactly what else happens. I've decided the ending - and it's a very, very happy one! I think, if it's done right, it might prove to be rather touching.

(And the end credit music is selected - I'm using Iggy Pop's The Passenger.)

Aside from writing, I shot a number of short bits for Act 2 Part 3:

+ Horatio walking away from his house, suitcase and all, as his mum passes him by in her car.

+ An extreme close-up on Horatio's mum, as she drives.

+ Mum turning the car back towards home.

+ Horatio at a bus stop, waiting (Actually, this is quite a nice call back to April 3rd, which concluded with scenes of me sat at a bus stop)

Tomorrow I expect I'll finish the script off - meaning that from a script POV, Fellow is completed! That in itself is a massive achievement - because I've had this daft idea in my head for years, and it's about to be 'out there' properly at last!

I might film another couple of pick-up shots for Act 2 Part 3's end montage; but I won't record again properly until Tuesday when my sister Donna has agreed to record scenes with me, with her playing Horatio's sister.

No idea when Act 3 will shoot. I might take a week's holiday (or so).
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