Tuesday, 14 July 2015

July 14th, 2015

I'm a strange mix of emotions right now. Some of that is because I'm nearing the end of my Fellow film project (see below) - a strange sensation as a) I've been living this film in my head every other day for nigh on 8 years now, and once it's filmed, I'll be done and will move onto the 'next thing', plus b) I currently don't have a job, or a home - there really isn't much going on in my life! Fellow feels like it's keeping me grounded... and once it's done, what next?


I shot just two short sequences today - both for Act 2 Part 3. Horatio leaving his house, and a shot of his clothes spinning in the washing machine. That's it, nothing too exciting. I was suppose to be filming the scenes of Horatio and his sister Erica... but my actual sister Donna, who I wrote the part for, had to deal with a family matter and couldn't make filming.

Thing is, she's busy now for the rest of the week, so I don't know when the scenes will be shot. That shouldn't really be an issue, but I'm just itching to get the film made now.

(As an aside, I might need to cut my hair when the scenes with Donna are shot... a week from now, it might be noticeably longer than in the rest of Act 2 Part 3!)

I edited what was shot, as well as what I did on 12th July. It looks OK - although more and more I'm convinced I need to watch all the videos back, and highlight some for reshooting.

The most up-to-date versions of Act 1, and the three Act 2 videos are now on Youtube. I've given various people access to the film, and asked for their feedback. These include my friends James, Kathryn, Crissie and Emma, as well as Gabi. Some feedback has started to come back in from them:



James said "Yeah, they were amazing. I cried when your step dad died man. Your mum was the best at acting in all of that. On another note stop taking your clothes off." and "I loved it, because I know you made it. Your step dad keeps smiling on camera. Even the "want a beer?" question had me laughing. I liked the second one with you kicking the can in the street, so out of your character - had me in stiches."

Crissie wrote, "You look good gothed up. Your accent is still as northern as ever - I need subtitles!" and "I like the personal bits, so like seeing your fave cinema and stuff. Also like the little jokes, like you smoking and the sign [saying he is wanking] on the door", but she adds "Talking [the bit where Horatio talks] to his friend didn't really work for me. I think that scene needs to be in there, just changed. It's probably the actor. Your dad makes me laugh, when you come down [in Act 2 Part 1] in your old clothes."

I think she's right about the scene with Horatio talking to his friend. I need to reshoot. (In Phil Wooller's defence, who plays opposite me in the scene, he isn't an actor - I forced him into the part!)

Tomorrow, depending on my mood and how job hunting goes, I might start filming Act 3 with Mum. This will pose it's own interesting set of problems, as so far the scene is pretty much just a two hander between Horatio and his mum... so I might well film most of the film in one go!


I know I'm having a bit of a bad day; but I'm cheered up a little by the fact that ultimately in years to come, I will always look back and remember this time of my life and smile.
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