Thursday, 16 July 2015

July 15th, 2015

***Stop press!!*** ***Stop press!!*** ***Stop press!!*** ***Stop press!!***

Ahh! This is what freedom feels like.


I completed the script for Act 3 today!!

That's a massive, massive achievement for me. It's been an 8 year journey to conceptualise this continuing chapter in Horatio Maguire's life. I've struggled on through various drafts, and seen new ideas come and go... but at last, it's set it stone.

It ends it a happy place, and is probably the most upbeat ending of any of my short films. It's potentially the happiest of any of my ideas, in any format. Who would have thought that, coming into the project off the back of Self (and it's misery!)

Of course, there's still the filming to complete. I'll work on that later this week. However, that's not important today! I just want to relish in the fact that I've got this project together, at long long last, and you know what? I like it a lot!

Thanks to various people who helped me through the different stages of development:

Jack Porter, who way back when was my biggest fan. It was through conversations with him that I started to wonder what would have happened to Horatio Maguire, and where I could take the character next.

Tohko Kanzaki, who read the 3rd of 4th draft script back in 2013 and - frankly - didn't think much of it. Some of what she criticised I disagreed with, but for the most part she was right to tell me that Horatio's character was too generic, or that plot points didn't make sense. I think she's a big reason why I then dumped the original story, and went for something completely different (and what turned out to be Fellow in its current guise)

The biggest thanks is reserved for Gabi Keresztes, who as my girlfriend through the immediate pre-production, and subsequently the production, had more influence than I think she's aware of. Whenever she liked something, I knew to keep it in, or expand upon it further. She guided me, and helped shape what you will eventually see. She also gets kudos for putting up with me, when I all I talked about was this damn film!

So there we have it. With regards to my script writing, I've no idea where I'll turn next. I think I probably need a break, and might go away to write a graphic novel again. We'll see what happens, free of the burden of Self 2.0/The Fool/Fellow.
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