Thursday, 16 July 2015

July 16th, 2015

I was a little bit naughty, and forgot to mention something in yesterday's post. So before we carry on with what happened today, I'll rewind 24 hours and talk about...


Sacha Allari worked with me in the Westfield Cinema. He is a would-be film maker like me, and a year ago I gave him one of my scripts to direct - Not on Your Nelly.

He has this habit of seeing I'm online, and then calling me up. Now, I'm not the biggest lover of talking on the phone, and so I usually reject the call and make up an excuse. I guess I must have turned a new leaf, as this time I didn't. I just figured, well what do I have to lose? So I spoke to him.

He said he'd seen Fellow, and was very impressed. He asked if there was any way he could help out on the project, but I confirmed that unfortunately I've already pretty much finished it (certainly any London scenes). He was complimentary of lots of things, but I got the sense he wasn't the biggest lover of some of the acting in it. As an aside, I think that's where I'll get the most criticism from people. He then said he watched Lasagne, and - in his words - "I was really impressed by the camera angles and lighting. I was watching thinking you had done an amazing job directing it... until the credits came on, and I realised you didn't make it. Gabi did!" He's a very excitable fella.

He gave me a brief update on Not On Your Nelly. He wants to start work on it ASAP, but he is swamped with real life things, and said that's holding him back. I supported him doing the real life things - as I've learnt a valuable lesson with Fellow; sometimes it can consumed you way too much, and you put important people in 2nd place.

Anyhoo, today...


I bought my nephew Tyler a very 1990s outfit. He plays a younger version of Horatio for one dream scene, so I get to have some fun and dress him how Mum and Dad use to dress me growing up. I.E. Horribly!

I also added an extra little scene to Act 3's script, and I completed my plans for the missing scene in Act 2 Part 3. It really does feel like, then, that the scripting of Fellow is completed.

Afterwards, I storyboarded the entirety of Act 3, ready for it being filmed tomorrow. Hopefully me and Mum can get it shot all in one go. My sister Donna will be around too, so the outstanding Act 2 Part 3 scenes can be filmed too. All in all, it means if I'm successful I should only have a very small number of shots left to film, and only one of them featuring me as Horatio.


After Fellow is filmed and edited, I've decided I'm going to take a short break from film making. I really must try harder at job hunting. I also want to learn to drive, and then there's the messy process of moving to wherever I end up. I think I'll be London bound again; and a big part of me is glad about that! The only issue I have with London really is the cost. If it were more affordable, I don't think I would even consider leaving it for good. As it stands, on the money I was earning before and what I'll likely be earning again... I can't afford anything more than a one bedroom bed sit, or a room in a house share. Now in my mid-20s, is it wrong that I expect more from my home?
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