Friday, 17 July 2015

July 17th, 2015

And in one fell swoop...


Act 3 is recorded. In its entirety!

Yep, I've gone from having absolutely nothing to show 24 hours ago, to it being the first of the series' five videos to have 100% of its scenes shot.

Creating 6 minutes of drama in one day is quite an accomplishment, but as you can imagine it's also quite tiring. Here's a rundown of what was shot - and as usual, there's SPOILERS abound for the end of the film, so read at your own peril...


Firstly, I shot the sequence where Horatio takes a bath and, similarly to Act 1, submerges himself under water. I absolutely hate having my head under water... but this was worse than that first time, as now my eyes had to flick open. A horrible, horrible experience - and one I didn't perfect for 4 takes. By the end, I was glad to be out of the bath!

Next up, I shot Horatio finding a mysterious box on his bed. No interesting stories here...

Then Mum returned from work, and together we shot a sequence where Horatio tells his Mum he is writing again, and wants to inherit his Dad's laptop. This surprisingly took an hour to film. I'm not quite sure why. It's an emotional scene, and I wanted to get it done right. By that, I mean ring every last emotion out of the scene as possible. I filmed lots of different camera angles; more than I'm use to for Fellow. I think it works well though. My only regret is the fact you can see the dog's bowls in one shot... and worse still, the dog herself for a full second or so. The illusion that Horatio's parents don't own a dog? Completely shattered!

After lunch, me and Mum recorded the emotional first scene of the Act. Both Horatio and his Mum are still numb here, from the death of Horatio's Dad. I think this ended up being the best acted out of any of today's scenes. I was helped by an impromptu sneeze just before a shot - which ended up making it look like I was fresh from crying.

Me and Mum then shot the final scene in the whole film - which is a very tender scene. It's basically Horatio and his Mum finally showing each other love again. At the beginning of this process, in Act 1 I had Horatio interact with a character called Margot Shelley. Now, since then I toyed with the idea of having Margot return for an encore at the end of the film. I thought it would bring proceedings full circle. Trouble is... how to have her reappear? Surely Horatio wouldn't ask her out again, after not only being rejected by her before, but (hopefully) growing as a person throughout this film. In a strange way, ending Act 3 with Horatio accepting his Mum's love sorta does wrap things up for him, I think. He's gone from seeking other's approval and love, to having earned it properly. It doesn't matter that it's his Mum's love. She hated him more than Margot at one point!

Finally, my sister Donna visited to film the delayed bits between Horatio and his sister Erica (from Act 2 Part 3). At various points I got the giggles, or Donna did, or Mum. We were constantly corpsing one another. I think Donna found it a strange experience. She's use to theatre acting - not the stop and start method employed by film makers.

Regardless, it's all edited together now and it looks splendid (if I do say so myself!) It means the real 'fun' begins now - fine tuning the edits, and sorting out any sounds issues. They'll still be the odd bit of filming, as I complete a handful of short scenes - but very quickly, Fellow will move from a work-in-progress, to a final piece.

I can't wait!
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