Saturday, 18 July 2015

July 18th, 2015

A filming day!


Yeah, despite pretty much finishing up yesterday, I did shoot a few pick-ups today. I'll elaborate further below, and explain some other crucial developments:

First of all, I recorded the narration for Act 2 Part 3 and Act 3. I'm happy with the acting in each segment of voice over, but the volume is still to quiet. Hopefully I can amplify in Duplicity later on, and won't need to re-record. It means that both Acts have voiceover for the first time. In the case of Act 3, that therefore completes the film! Yep, only post to go on that now.

Act 2 Part 3's climatic montage was giving me a bit of a headache. I've recorded everything bar one last gap in the sequence, towards the end. I have left a slide that says "Horatio takes one last look at Manchester." I took the bus to Manchester, not knowing what to do with the slot. I was watching the video over and over on the journey, hoping for a miraculous bit of inspiration. It never came. In the end, I decided that there was probably a reason for that - and most likely, that was that the scene I had described didn't work. My brain couldn't grasp it, as it knew it to be dramatically poor.

I took the bus back home, and thought up a new 9 second bit instead. I had doubts in my mind earlier in the video, why we would introduce Horatio's sister so late into the film; and never mention her again. So now Horatio texts her on his way out of town. I think it rewards that earlier scene, and means it has earned its place in the film. I shot a new bit, or Horatio texting her:

I will shoot my sister Donna receiving the text (and put it as a split screen of Horatio sat at the bus stop. This will be a nice symmetry with Horatio and his Mum's phone conversation in Act 1)

I also reshot some interior scenes within the tent. The original footage was too dark, and I looked far too sweaty in the video! No way after effects grading could have fixed either.

I also filmed some generic shots of the litter lying in Horatio's tent. I might use it when his sister visits, to establish better how he's living in squalor! (But one of his own choosing)

Finally, I shot the sequence in Act 2 Part 2, where Horatio receives a text message off his friend, saying he's available to meet up. I elongated the scene, and added into it Horatio bored watching TV. Gave me an excuse to put the theme tune to Supermarket Sweep into my film - as well as Crockett's Theme from Miami Vice, a snippet of a UKIP vs. rational thought debate, and a bit from Scrubs.

I added an updated Act 1 added to Youtube today - all the footage is now there, but it needs SFX adding (Mum coming up the stairs/knocking on the bedroom door), and a general clear up on its sound track (you can here 'pops' when the camera moves a few times, and you can hear my niece burp as I say the line "I think I'm having a crisis, and I'm moving back in"):

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