Monday, 20 July 2015

July 20th, 2015

I spent the day revisiting the past. This involved going through the loft in Mum's house and looking through my old primary school books. I found some very interesting things, which I will definitely blog about in the future - so watch this space!


I used some of my old school drawings in a scene set in 1994, with a young Horatio writing. Now, I'm obviously not fit to play a 5 year old boy - so I had to get somebody else in to play that younger version of me. As I don't have kids myself, the next best available resource were my sisters'. I had two choices - Tyler (who is fast approaching 3 years old) or Jamie (2). I thought Tyler would be the most co-operative on set, and luckily he's the one who resembles me the most anyway (personality/appearance) so he fit the bill.

I used actually drawings and writings of mine in the scene, as well as my old toys from back in the early 1990's:

Obviously, that picture looks too crisp and therefore 'modern'. I had to age it up. To do so I followed a tutorial on Youtube, that details how to use Sony Vegas Movie Studio to make a video have the look of an old VHS tape. Afterwards, I used cookie cutter to shrink it down from the 16:9 original, to a 4:3 shape (that would have been the standard in 1994).

I was tempted to add a time and date stamp, to imply what we're seeing is home movie footage. This would have fooled some viewers into thinking that it was actual footage from 1994. Ultimately, I liked being ambiguous. We've flashed back to 2007 anyway, so what difference does it make to leap back a decade further? Means the story now spans 3 decades - so it's an epic! (I jest)

I also filmed a shot for Act 2 Part 1's Mika-backed montage. It shows Horatio being a teenager again, by trying to play a guitar. To fit it in, I'll have to take another shot out. I think I'll likely drop Horatio eating an ice cream, or eating beans on toast. There's too much eating happening in that montage!

Perhaps the biggest news of the day is I decided I would split Act 2 Part 3 up. Instead of being one long 9 minute video, it's now two 5 minute pieces. You'll notice there's an extra minute of running time there. I'll compensate for the split by writing and adding a new scene into Act 2 Part 3 (redux) that will help strengthen the video. As I said yesterday, it's the only segment where incident is lacking. I realised I hadn't had Horatio ask somebody else what their opinion of the old him was. I will have him sit down with his friend (again played by Phil Wooller) and have him ask "What was I like before?" It'll be especially interesting if his friend admits he wasn't always the greatest person before... planting seeds in Horatio's mind, yet again, that returning to the past might not have been the best idea.

I'll film the scene on Wednesday. It will likely be the final time I play Horatio Maguire on screen for Fellow.

(A part of me does wonder if there's mileage to bring the character back for a third film series. I had plans for it years ago, but I've used the best of them up during Fellow. Even if I did return, it almost certainly wouldn't be for another 12 months at least... potentially not until 2017, when it's 10 years since Self.)
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