Wednesday, 22 July 2015

July 21st, 2015

Not much in the way of developments today - but enough to tell an interesting story or too.


Now that Act 2.3 has split into two, I've decided that the first half needs a boost. I'm going to add more meat to it by creating not one but two new scenes. I wrote them this morning.


A filming day!

I shot Horatio's sister receiving a text messaging - telling her Horatio is leaving Manchester.

My nephew Tyler was behind the camera with me, and hit the record button and shouted "action!" to the actress (his Mum). Was fun! He's been very interested in my camera recently, and obviously featured in my filming yesterday too, so I thought it was apt to include him again her.

Back at home, I filmed one of the two new scenes for Act 2 Part 3, with Horatio lay outside thinking things over. The footage... isn't bad, but it just looks kinda dull. I might decide I need to reshoot the scene, and try to make it look a bit more visually "alive".

I'm out filming tomorrow with Phil Wooller, for the second new scene in Act 2.3. It should be the last major scene that I have to play as Horatio Maguire. Infact, if I can record Horatio having a tantrum with his Mum, and another few cutaways, then all my scenes will be done and dusted! Only the montage in Act 1 left to shoot.

Exciting! The end is nigh.
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