Thursday, 23 July 2015

July 23rd, 2015

It's been a long day... yet, it doesn't feel like I've completed much.


We're reaching the point, very quickly, where my updates here will become further and far between. Now that filming has concluded (bar Act 1's short montage sequence) I'm focusing on fine tuning the edits of each video.

Today, I managed to get Act 2.2, Act 2.3 and Act 2.4 significantly shortened. Collectively, the film now adds up to exactly 29 minutes long - down a whopping 2 minutes and 30 seconds on the original cuts.

I'm uploading the videos to Youtube right now. Once they're up, it will be the first time I've got the films as I originally envisioned them available to view by others. I will send out to friends and family, and gather their thoughts.

Then I'll work on sound editing. But before that, however, I'll likely take a week's break from the project. I'm in no rush to complete it... and I don't want to get bored of Horatio just yet!


So, my thoughts begin to turn to my next project. I still haven't decided what I want that to be - but I'll likely start writing it over the next few weeks.

Here's the contenders for my attention:


The story of a man who grew up watching a porno tape left behind by his father. Now, he meets a woman who looks exactly like the woman in that video. And he falls in love immediately...

Status: This is my most likely next 'big' project (a la Fellow), and I think it will follow the same format - various videos, split up across Acts. Worked well for Fellow, and I think it can again. However, I do think that I need to make something smaller, and more light hearted, before moving onto this piece. Otherwise the work involved would kill me, and I think I would drown in the heaviness of Fellow and Deborah made back-to-back.


A horror film, about a woman who spies a figure in the distance, getting closer every day.

Status: The idea of making a horror film intrigues me. After all, I haven't made one before ("I Am A Vampire!" doesn't count; it turns out to be a comedy) Trouble is, the idea isn't as fully formed in my mind as Deborah. That doesn't have to be too much of a worry though, it just means my mind has a little more catching-up to do. This wouldn't be more than 5 minutes long, so could end up being that middle project between Fellow and Deborah.

Fata Morgana

An idea I had with Gabi; a man meets his dead brother in his dreams, and the pair discuss a woman that stalks one of the brothers' subconscious.

Status: It would be an easy project, yes. But I don't necessarily like 'easy'. I'm not sure what I could bring to the idea. Hell, I'm not entirely sure what the genre would be! A part of me worries it's too similar to last Christmas' Doctor Who special - so I would have to work hard to make it different. Then there's the matter of what Gabi has already shot for this, when we were back in Budapest together. I wouldn't want to take the project away from her (but it's difficult to see us, at this point, working together for a long while yet)

Eight Months Last Tuesday

A man is dumped. Months later, he goes back in time to find out why.

Status: I think this is a brilliant idea, and I really, really want to produce it. But not yet... I think it's the wrong film to make after Ushers and Fellow. Maybe in the post-Deborah landscape, I'll return to the idea?

Or something else...

I have other ideas in my head. Some of them aren't necessarily films, but rather graphic novels or even theatre work.

Status: My film making is gaining momentum at the minute; I'd hate to move away, and lose it again. However, theatre is an exciting prospect. I have two specific ideas. The great thing about producing anything for theatre is the opportunity to work more closely with actors. Hmmm... that's very tempting! To create an actor's piece. Haven't done that before.
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