Friday, 24 July 2015

July 24th, 2015

No further Fellow updates - aside from the fact that all the updated videos are now loaded on Youtube, and I plan to take a break from the project before I move into sound fixes.

Instead, today I met a woman called Tiziana Ibba. The two of us worked together in the West End Cinema. She's currently touting the UK, before returning home to Italy.

We've been speaking online over the last week or so about Fellow. It lead us on to discussing my writing in general, and her passion for drawing. It was only a matter of time before we put two and two together, and decided to create our own graphic novel.

Her tour lead her to Manchester today, and we got discussing sone ideas I had. She liked Deborah, but I didn't think it would be suitable as a comic strip.

She liked my Creeping idea (though I pitched it as "Susie...") However, the idea isn't fully formed in my head. Together we tried to crack it, but everything we did think up just sounded horribly cliché.

Eventually we settled on Eight Months Last Tuesday. Yep, I know what I said recently... that it feels the wrong project to do after Fellow. But that's when I thought about it as a film. As a graphic novel? Hmmm!

Eight Months Last Tuesday

Me and Tiziana settled on the plot; beginning, middle and end. I'll go away and create a treatment for the synopsis, and then write the issues. Tiziana will storyboard each, and once the series is done she will ink the actual episodes.

We're going for an independent style. We bought a few books in Travelling Man, Manchester to give us an idea of what we're aiming for. This is based on Tiziana's own drawing style - as I conceded that it was for me to adapt to what she does, rather than the other way around.  Can't go expecting her to suddenly draw in a totally new way!

It sounds terribly exciting. If we pull it off, it'll be the first time I've had a graphic novel of mine drawn! We'll then submit to a publisher to review.

Best crack on with it!
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