Sunday, 26 July 2015

July 26th, 2015

Not much in the way of progress - but you know what they say, so études it's important to take those baby steps first.

Eight Months Last Tuesday

When I met Tiziana on Friday, she suggested that I buy Bryan Lee O'Malley's graphic novel, Seconds. Not oy is the art work within the style she's comfortable drawing, but she felt the structure of a) the story, and b) the framing of panels could really help motivate my ideas.

I bought the book yesterday - but then became quite ill. I spent the rest of the day in bed either shivering with cold, or sweating myself silly.

Still not entirely recovered, I spent the first half of the day doing nothing particularly constructive. But! Then!! In the last few hours, I picked up Seconds and started to read...

It didn't last long. I had to put it down, because my brain was firing ideas at me and I needed to write them down.

The graphic novel will follow a 3 Act structure - and so, my writing splits to mimic this.

Like in Fellow, Act 2 is divided up further:

Act 1 - Context
Act 2.1 - Reaching goals
Act 2.2 - Conflict
Act 3 - Conclusions

I have a fair idea how the first two parts play out. I'm not saying anything here!

Have to make sure the remaining half gets some thinking time too.

Anyhoo... For now I have names! The protagonist is Joseph (Joey for short). Then there's Ann, and Roz. Also... breaking news (as Tiziana just christened him on Whatsapp): Dave!

That's our gang. For now!

The ideas I'm coming up with sound quite fun. I'm really loving the opportunity to write time travel again. I've missed it!

More soon.
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