Tuesday, 28 July 2015

July 28th, 2015

Those usual struggles have started to set it, yet again...

Eight Months Last Tuesday

I can't quite crack the opening to the story. I know how the story pans out - and I even know what I want to happen in the opening scene (a heist, of some type) yet... I just can't get to grips with HOW it should happen.

This is usual, I think. I can over think things - like on Fellow - and the project suffers. It gets stuck in a weird limbo, before I can finally solve the problem of what to do or what happens.

I told Tiziana my plans. She thinks I'm throwing too much into this story now, and thinks I should scale back. Maybe I'm too naive to see things clearly... but I think I have just the right amount of character and plot in this thing to make it work.


I'm journeying back to London tomorrow for a few days. It's my first time back since late-June. Have to brace myself for the changes that have happened since... and the ones about to come.
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